A licence is a use authorisation which allows the holder to possess, use, operate, manufacture or otherwise deal with any non-exempt radioactive substances, irradiating apparatus or prescribed electronic products as provided on the licence.

Persons using sources of radiation that are subject to regulation under the Radiation Safety Act must either –

  1. hold a current licence; or
  2. lawfully work under the direction and supervision of a licence holder; or
  3. hold an individual exemption from licence; or
  4. belong to a class of individuals exempted from licensing by regulation.

An exemption by regulation as in 4) may require the persons concerned to hold a particular qualification or to be otherwise appropriately trained. The regulation may also require them to work under the direction and supervision of a licensee or a person holding an exemption from licence.


Licence applicants

Licences (or exemptions) are issued for specific purposes in either of two primary classes –

  • Radioactive Substances
  • X-ray Equipment and/or Electronic Products.

Individuals needing to deal with both primary classes will generally be required to have two licences, which may be subject to conditions, restrictions and limitations imposed under Section 36 of the Radiation Safety Act; where applicable, these will be issued with each licence certificate.

For both new licence applications and amendments to add a new purpose to an existing licence, the applicant will need to provide evidence that they meet the corresponding licence prerequisites.

A licence is personal (like a driver's licence) and cannot be transferred to another person.

Licences are for individuals to use, service, transport or otherwise deal with sources of radiation. Refer also to the information provided for licences, in particular the prerequisites and recognised courses.

  • New application by an individual for a licence or exemption to deal with radioactive substances >> LS Forms [⭳ PDF]
  • New application by an individual for a licence or exemption to deal with x-ray equipment, lasers and/or transilluminators >> LX Forms [⭳ PDF]
  • Apply for a licence under mutual recognition of an existing authorisation from an Australian jurisdiction.
  • Apply for a temporary permit for a licence (validity up to 3 months) >> TP(L) Forms [⭳ PDF]
  • Amend your existing licence including name, postal address, request a different purpose of licence or terminate your licence >> Licence Amendment [⭳ PDF]

Under Section 37(2) of the Radiation Safety Act, if your application for renewal of licence or registration is received by the Radiological Council prior to the expiry date, it is legal to carry on operating and working whilst the renewal application is being reviewed and assessed.

Renewal application forms are sent to your nominated mailing address two months prior to expiry and are not available online. For example, renewals are issued at the beginning of January for those applications that expire in March.

  • If you have changed your mailing address or have not received your renewal application forms upon expiry, please contact us.
  • When you receive your renewal application, you must review the application and ensure that all the information provided is correct. Where an amendment is required, strike through any incorrect information and add your new details.
  • Renewal of licence
    • If you are applying to add a new purpose of licence with your renewal, you will need to demonstrate that you meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Renewal of registration
    • If you are applying to add a new purpose of registration or a new facility address with your renewal, you will need to supply any additional information to demonstrate how you will meet the requirements for registration, relevant to that purpose.
    • If you need to remove a facility address with your renewal application, you will need to supply information to demonstrate that the previously registered premises has been appropriately decommissioned.
    • If you need to amend the supplementary sheet of your registered assets, provide details of the current location of any assets which need to be removed or evidence that they have been decommissioned.
Last Updated: 01/07/2022